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Episode 3 – Kate Powers – TV Writer for “Rectify” – Part 2

This is part 2 of my interview with Kate Powers, who worked on all four seasons for Ray McKinnon’s “Rectify” on Sundance TV first as a writers’ assistant, and then staff writer the last three seasons. The critically acclaimed show just ended after four seasons on Sundance TV.

Episode 3 – Kate Powers of “Rectify” – Part 2

0:00 – Intro

1:45 – Kate’s feelings/trauma now that Rectify has just ended.    

4:15 – Kate talks about setting up the writer’s room for season 1.

6:15 – Staffing season 1 of Rectify.

9:00 – Kate talks about going into character in the writer’s room when breaking story.

11:30 – The research the writing staff did for the show included wardens, lawyers, and exonorees from Death Row.

18:15 – The challenge of coming back to writing season 2 after a two-year hiatus.

19:40 – Kate gushes about the cast.

20:40 – I grill Kate about the name “Amantha,” played by Abigail Spencer

22:20 – Filming & Casting  in Georgia.

27:00 – Ray McKinnon gave his actors a lot of room to play and make choices.

28:20 – Kate talks how Ray would start making changes in story based on what actors discover during filming.

32:00 – Pitching in the writers’ room from experience.

41:00 – Teddy Jr. played by Clayne Crawford

43:50 – What is Kate going to do next?

44:15 – Kate wrote for a show “In Absentia” that’s about to start filming.

46:00 – How do you submit writing samples when you’re writing for tv shows?

47:00 – Kate’s pilot called “Die Trying.”

47:30 – Kate’s new pilot is about what happens you don’t have to work anymore.

50:00 – Elon Musk’s on Living Wage

52:30 – War on Disco

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