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Episode 4 – Carrie Barrett – Playwright and Actor

Carrie Barrett is a funny, talented playwright and actor. You can learn more about her and her work at her website

Her ten-minute play is premiering at the Actors Theater of Louisville’s “The Tens” this week January 10-14 in Louisville, KY.


References & Highlights in the Show

A chihuahua I’m dogsitting thinks about puking.

Carrie talks about dealing with depression since high school, and talks about how she got over. I know it sounds crazy, but the BBC says…

Carrie is married to Jayhawks fan Chris Lee, who’s comedy partner, Ben Seeder, was on one of my first teams at iO in Chicago. Check out their comedy at

Carrie did a play workshop with Play LA & the Humanitas Festival tied to Center Theater Group. Her play “To Us!”

Eric Hunicutt, a Chicago improv veteran, directs all of Carrie’s readings.

Tricks of engaging a reader into your play

We talk about Meisner teacher and kickass director, Monica Payne, and taking Meisner to grow from improv.

Too many dog sounds and LAPD helicopters. LA baby!

Improv breeds collaborative playwrights.

Carrie’s female protagonists

Carrie performs  on “Harvey Danger” Nickleodeon.

What the hell happiness looks like?

Carrie’s time at the Eugene O’Neill Playwrights’ Conference.

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