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Episode 5 – Writers/Directors Annie J. Howell and Lisa Robinson – “Claire in Motion” Starring Betsy Brandt

Interview with the co-writers & co-directors of the independent film, “Claire in Motion” starring Betsy Brandt. The film opened this weekend in selected cities, and can be found on On Demand.

Annie and Lisa met over a decade ago when they were in grad school at NYU. They sat down and talked with me in Echo Park on the day their movie was set to premiere in Los Angeles, and in ten cities nationwide the following day. It can also be purchased on On Demand. We chatted about their writing process, casting and working with Betsy, and how important momentum is in keeping in an low-budget indy project going.

It’s gotten good reviews in the LA Times, and Variety Magazine.

Show Notes:

0:00 – Introduction

1:40 – Annie Howell & Lisa Robinson interview. They talk about how they ended up casting Betsy Brandt.   Annie answers first.

3:15 – Timeline between casting and shooting was only  six weeks.

5:15 Betsy’s work in “Masters of Sex” and “Breaking Bad” made it clear that she was a great fit for Claire.

7:25 – My experience on how quickly each scene was shot.

8:20 – Betsy’s connection with the cast and crew on the small film made filming much easier.

12:00 – The genesis of the story of “Claire in Motion.”

13:30 – Annie and Lisa talk about how they collaborate.

18:00 – How they put together financing for the film.

19:00 – Keeping the momentum going when producing an independent film.

21:00 – Annie talks about moving from New York to a small town to live for six years, and how that influenced the film.

24:00 – The experience of releasing the film, and doing all the press and the press that Betsy Brandt had been doing for the film.

26:10 – Changing as an artist after working on a project like “Claire in Motion.”

27:00 – Lisa talks about her recent experiences as a TV director.

27:30 – Annie talks about the transition from a small town back to New York.

29:15 – Annie and Lisa talk about their writing process when they’re working on their own projects.

34:00 – Annie and Lisa give their GOAT sounds right before their premiere.

Full disclosure: Annie taught me screenwriting at Ohio University, and I briefly appear in the film as an ice cream patron.

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