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Ep 6 – From TV Land’s “Teachers” – Is Katy Colloton the Greatest of All Time?

Katy Colloton plays the character “Chelsea Snap” on the sitcom,“Teachers.” Season 2 premieres Tuesday, January 17th,10pm EST/7pm PST, on TV Land. The show is based on a webseries created by Colloton’s improv group the Katydids, which was made up of six female improv comedians in Chicago (whose names were all variations on the name “Katy.” The group got their start in Chicago by putting up improv and sketch shows, and making short comedic videos online.

You can follow Katy on twitter @KatyColloton and Teachers @TeachersSeries

The cast of “Teachers”/Katydids are all Live Tweeting the season premiere tonight. “Teachers” stars: Caitlin Barlow, Katy Colloton, Cate Freedman, Kate Lambert, Katie O’Brien, and Kathryn Renee Thomas.

Show Notes:

0:00 – Introduction AND New theme music by Tony Mendoza!

1:01 – Is Katy Colloton the Greatest of All Time?

1:45 – Katy and I are both from Kansas City.

2:00 – Katy mocks my alma mater even though she was too terrified to attend.

4:00 – Katy’s trials and tribulations of performing in community and high school theater as a kid.

6:15 – Katy used to tape SNL in middle school.

7:30 – Katy’s trials and tribulations continued.

13:15 – Katy’s mom is a moderate Republican politician, and lost her seat to a coalition run by the very conservative Governor Sam Brownback and the Koch Brothers.

15:15 – Katy moved to Chicago after college after landing a casting internship at the Goodman Theatre.

17:00 – Goodman Casting Director, Adam Belcuore, introduced Katy to Matt Miller who would later give the Katydids the idea of them all being teachers. He’s one of the Executive Producers on “Teachers.”

18:15 – Lessons learned from the casting internships

20:30 – Katy started taking improv classes

21:15 – Katy’s dog, Lucy, tries to dig a hole into Katy’s couch.

22:30 – Katy’s experiences with improv training, and how she met the other Katydids.

24:30 – Katy’s teachers at iO included Lisa Linke. Katy says that a show Lisa and I were in, “Close Quarters,” was her favorite in Chicago. DO YOU HEAR THAT HOLLYWOOD?!?

26:00 – Lisa Linke’s web show about dogs.

27:30 – Katy started doing sketch shows with her friend, John Loos, who Katy says he’s the best writer she’s ever worked with. DO YOU HEAR THAT HOLLYWOOD?!?

29:30 – Katy talks about how she and the Katydids were really good at setting deadlines and meeting them.

30:30 – Katydids first start seeing themselves as an unit.

34:30 – The long lost Caitlin Barlow Creation Story of the Katydids.

37:00 – Katy learned how to market the Katydids, by doing marketing for Provision Theater in Chicago.

38:30 – Katy hearts Kinko’s.

39:52 – Interlude

40:20 – GOATMission Q&A

42:17 – End GOATMission

42:19 – Katy’s first move to LA in 2013

43:00 – Nerves return when auditioning for TV pilots

43:15 – Her audition for “New Girl.”

45:20 – Katy and I discuss the ridiculousness of how much people dress up for auditions in L.A. for specific part.

47:15 – How TV Land picked up “Teachers,” and Executive Produced by Alison Brie.

50:45 – Katy’s best story ever about Alison Brie.

54:00 – She gets the news TV Land is picking up “Teachers” while working at Whole Foods.

56:00 – The Katydids meet with “Key & Peele” Show Runners, Jay Martel to Ian Roberts, to see if they’ll work on “Teachers.”

57:00 – The writing process on the Katydids, and their responsibilities as writers and performers.

1:03:30 – Katydids writing and shooting schedule is super complex since they wear both hats.

1:04:50 – TV Land told them to push the envelope this season

1:08:40 – Katy got Coolio to appear in the first episode of Season 2.

1:09:15 – How Katy came up with her character, Chelsea Snap.

1:11:15 – Snap’s outfits

1:12:10 – Is it fun yet?

1:14:50 – Proust GOATionairre

1:19:00 – Is Katy Colloton the Greatest of All Time?


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