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Episode 9 – Is Ryan Gowland the Greatest Of All Time?

Oh, hi! It’s been awhile! I hope you’ve been enjoying some other quality podcasts this spring. The GOATcast is back from a “hiatus” with Episode 9 featuring writer/actor Ryan Gowland. Ryan and I met each other in Chicago when we both moved there in the early aughts.

Gowland created and wrote the very funny web series, “F’d,” for He produced and co-starred in it with Julia Wackenheim-Gimple and Molly Hawkey. Gowland approached Wackenheim-Gimple a few years ago with the idea of a post-apocalyptic comedy. (Gimple was on board, but had one request, “No zombies.” Turns out that her husband, Scott, was the showrunner for a show called “The Walking Dead.”)

Ryan currently has two TV scripts that are finalists in the 2017 Launch Pad Pilots Competition . “We’re Gonna Die Alone,” which he co-wrote with Wackenheim-Gimple is currently in the Top 50. “F’d,” which is extrapolated from his web series, made the Top 75.

Gowland is a veteran of the Chicago improv scene. He performs with Otis at iO Chicago (ImprovOlympic.) He was also a cast member of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, which boasts alumni like Jordan Peele, and Seth Meyers. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Erica, and their two children.

About rpdolan

Ryan Patrick Dolan just completed his MFA in Playwriting at the Ohio University Playwriting Program under Charles Smith and Erik Ramsey. He has a B.A. in playwriting from Columbia College Chicago where he studied under playwright, Lisa Schlesinger. He's a veteran of the Chicago improv and theater scene. Credits include Revolver and Pudding-Thank You @ iO Chicago, TimeLine, Collaboraction, Steppenwolf, WildClaw, and Strawdog.

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