Details About GOATcast and RPD

I’ve always been drawn to interviews and longform bios of artists and their process. My guests include writers, actors, artists, musicians, sportswriters, and people I meet or know that I find interesting and are passionate about their work.

The GOATcast with Ryan Patrick Dolan is inspired by interview shows/podcasts like Fresh Air, WTF, and Nerdist’s TV Writer’s Panel, with a little Colbert Report and The-Idiot-Orange-Dumbsh*t who shall remain nameless. Also, a special shout-out to Sammy Tamimi’s unheralded Popfury Podcast.

I’m a playwright, actor, and improv comedian, who lived over a decade in Chicago. I just got my MFA in playwriting, and moved out to Los Angeles to try to make a living as a writer and actor. Learn more at

Most episodes are recorded in my apartment in Hollywood, California with my dog, Fergie, grumbling for attention in the background.

Mic: Blue Snowball mic with a simple pop filter
Recorded with Garageband on my Mac.
Mixed with Levelator
Podcasting Host: Spreaker

Music Credits:

Episodes 6+
Tony Mendoza – Tony is extremely talented musician and improv comedian. He’s worked on a lot of great projects. Check out his latest The French Goodbye

Episodes 1-5
“At the Count” by Broke for Free
“The Great Break-off” by The Insider